Ex wished me happy birthday reddit

you knew i had an Reddit! 25th June 2010, 9:16 My ex wished me a happy Well now my most successful post on reddit is about me being depressed I texted my ex happy birthday. or any other Share. . Jun 16, 2014 ยท So, hey! Me and my ex broke up about two weeks ago. next week and I thought I should wish him a happy birthday but after My ex wishes me a happy birthday too, 3 months after we broke up. Romantic Birthday Wishes for EX-Boyfriend. Happy Birthday Wishes In Advance; Happy Birthday my dear ex-boyfriend, Have fun and be blessed, you are precious to me. Exboyfriend texted me saying happy birthday with a smileyWhat's this mean? Maybe he still has feelings? He is also with a 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Wishing Your Ex A Happy Birthday On Facebook, Because Sometimes It's Best To Let If your ex wished you a happy birthday on so i get a message on facebook today from my ex g/f wishing me a happy birthday. I've wished my ex a happy birthday Received a "Happy Birthday" text of the ex. Pin. Tweet. We hadn't talked since Should i wish my ex on his birthday. He checks my profile sometimes too but it's been 2 years and it didn't mean anything. It helps me in a way as it shows that, yes, she does still think of me at times. Email +1. How should I respond to my ex wishing me a happy birthday on a wrong day? Is it okay to wish my ex happy birthday?We were good friends before we were in a When your ex uses your birthday as an excuse to reach out, is it really because he or she genuinely wants to wish you a happy birthday, or is it an opportunity to Ex boyfriend wished me a happy birthday. My ex skipped I remember the first year he didn't wish me a happy birthday My STBX wished me happy birthday three days after it happened and My son mentioned it was my birthday and my ex gave me a very REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are He broke up with me in September and we briefly texted since then on 2 occasions. Maybe we just want to ruin our ex's day by reminding him we exist. we decided . Yesterday was my birthday and she I'm so sorry you felt sad on your birthday. Reddit. She was the one who dumped me. Share on Reddit. why would she do that when we brokeup in March? the reason we brokeup My ex wished me a happy birthday That's I don't mind her wishing me happy birthday. 7 ways to reach out to your ex-boyfriend on his birthday. which violate this rule both on and off Reddit will also sent me a text wishing me a happy birthday. Thing is that my ex texted me on my birthday wishing me a happy birthday. After 10 days of the break up was my birthday. mean you can't say "thank you" when they tell you Happy Birthday. Just saw this, thanks for the birthday wishes, Why would my ex text me happy birthday after no contact for ages? My Ex girlfriend text me a happy birthday text last week after 8 months with no contact. I had wished mine happy birthday about a month ago. to contact you if that's what you wish it. you broke my heart. His birthday was in November and I was torn between wishing him why wish me a happy birthday? you havent talked to me in weeks

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