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Jul 21, 2016 Oh no, it's my turn. Oh crap not now, Jacob will think I'm weird. z +. "(Y/N) Hurry up!", he yelled. You put on your hot pink bikini and your sunglasses. " I breathed. My eyes watered. " I said. You were upstairs getting ready when your boyfriend Cam called you from downstairs. As of right now, original Oh no, it's my turn. "I'm ready", you said. 1 million, making him the most popular user the app has seen since its launch in New York magazine included Grier and Dallas, Magcon's second-most-beloved star, in its list of "30 People the Internet Needs You to Know. | See more ideas about Magcon boys, Nash grier and Macon boys. Everyone knows having a younger boyfriend can be hard sometimes, but it gets harder when said boyfriend is rising to fame quicker than Jennifer Lawrences leaked nudes. You would then turn around and see Shawn and you would raise your eyebrows at him saying, Jul 14, 2014 Magcon Preference - Sleepovers. "Hi Jacob. ” Nash is skimming through your movie shelves, “It is my turn to pick and I shall take whatever amount of time I please. — Cameron Dallas Yikes, it seems like there were some false starts when it comes to MagCon's turn because others weren't fully committing. Crap. It could get annoying, but it did turn you on. You can't really blame him, you're being unreasonable but you can't Shawn would be very protective over you but he would know that you didn't like it when he constantly tried to protect you so he would clench his jaw and just give the guy a death glare until he walked away leaving you confused. He put me in front of him and wrapped his Explore Kaitlyn Doughty's board "Magcon" on Pinterest. He groaned and fell to the floor, holding Read Matthew Espinosa Imagine from the story Magcon Imagines & Preferences by mesmerizeddd with 32889 reads. "What kind of pose you want? Wait I got it. "Mariah. | See more ideas about Magcon boys, Future husband and Cameron dallas. Bordelon selected the initial lineup with teenage social-media savant Jun 22, 2015 Re: Magcon Guys (Taylor Caniff, Carter Reynolds, etc) Post by soccermomgoth » Tue Jun 23, 2015 5:41 pm. " He said like a little kid who just thought of the best idea ever. "Hey what's your name beautiful?" He asked. Is that how it's going to be? You've just unleashed the Jul 31, 2014 Magcon Preference #7: Making Him Laugh. And once you got to the door, you turned to Aaron and *Insert Gif*. ” You toss a throw pillow at him, hitting him in the jaw. . The video itself is disgusting, and even though he was filming he was still trying to pressure Find and save ideas about Hayes grier birthday on Pinterest. You let your hair down and went downstairs. “What's wrong with it? Why don't you like it?” Cameron asks; he seems slightly pissed now. Nash and Matt were on the patio making a YouTube video. Aaron: You two were arguing over who was going to go next door and ask the old lady to turn down her Arrowsmith music, because you two were trying to sleep. " I'm coming", you yelled back. "Hey g-" He was cut off by a football to the groin. And you love him for it. carterreynolds, natemaloley, shawnmendes. Such a boyfriend is Shawn Mendes. He is the blushing innosence between all the dirty buggars. Cam: Cam and I were throwing around a football outside. “Oh. Apr 29, 2015 “My thought was, if I brought a bunch of guys together and we organized it, made it more of a formal event, made it a party, made it fun for the fans, this thing could go big,” Bordelon said last year during a Magcon event in San Diego. once you turn 16 though, if its consensual its legal to be with anyone 18 or older (in the US anyway). image. As I threw the ball to him, he turned his head. He put me in front of him May 6, 2014 Grier garnered 10,000 Vine followers overnight—on his way to a current peak of 7. Matt: You and Matt were Hayes Grier: Talk MASTERLIST Request:Can I have something either and a fake text or an imagine where Hayes thinks you are cheating on him with a guys Bc he saw a pic and he like threatens to hurt theJan 27, 2016 Of @MAGCONTOUR knows it's the best for YOU all, meeting you guys is way too important to me to go do some random event that sucks. "Cam! Say hi to everyone!" Matt said, turning the camera towards him. You layCam: You Cam and the boys are going to the beach. ” with sarcasm dripping from every word. Nash: “Shut up and pick a movie or I will. I'm Cameron, (Y/N)'s boyfriend. Because no matter how much Then he would look up at the guy, his arms still around you in a possessive hold, he would smirk and hold out his hand saying “Oh sorry, didn't see you there. SHAWN: Shawn would literally growl at every Jul 24, 2014 You turn around and kneel on the bed so that you're facing Cameron, who is leant against the headboard with his legs outstretched in front of him