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com/kivy/kivy-ios $ cd kivy-ios $ . I'm trying to build kivy-ios and include openssl. io; Topics @Zen-CODE did you do a toolchain. zip. py build openssl kivy pil pil com [kivy-ios: master] New Comment Global: hostpython located at /Users/bearnun/Code/kivy-ios/dist/hostpython/bin/python Loaded recipe openssl (depends of [], optional are []) Global: hostpython located at /Users/camy/kivy/kivy-ios/kivy-ios/dist/hostpython/bin/python. /toolchain. The Kivy recipe depends on several others, like the sdl* and python recipes. Create a package for IOS //github. I followed the previous posts on Kivy user's group, and did the following steps: Uncommenting the line that executes I'm trying to import ssl in my kivy application and it crashes when I deploy to iOS. It crashes on: import ssl This is the log from the device: 2013-07-31 20:13:06 kivy-ios - Toolchain for kivy / kivy-ios. Python on iPhone & iPad. This toolchain is $ . Code. py clean openssl. py clean openssl The Kivy recipe depends on several others, like the sdl* and python kivy-ios - Toolchain for compiling Python / Kivy / other libraries for iOS kivy-ios 收藏 $ . research with the goal of being able to run Python on any iOS device (iPhone, iPad python-for-iphone Kivy iOS support . Kivy runs on Linux, Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. # create a distribution with python + openssl + pil + kivy kivy@groups. py distclean and then . I tried updating the toolchain to include openssl Cross platform. Buildozer: Kivy iOS: Toolchain for building and packaging Kivy applications into iOS IPA's. You can run the same code on all Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository's web address. compile error kivy-ios I/Users/cruor/code/kivy-ios/dist/include/x86_64/openssl -I/Users/cruor/code/kivy-ios/dist/include/common/sdl2 -I/Users/cruor/code I discovered our iOS app is failing to make https requests via urlopen. $ . Issues 30. Kivy for iOS. py build kivy Most of the python distribution is packed into python27. Port : 6667, 6697 (SSL only) Channel : #kivy-dev; Sister projects. compile error kivy-ios I/Users/cruor/code/kivy-ios/dist/include/x86_64/openssl -I/Users/cruor/code/kivy-ios/dist/include/common/sdl2 -I/Users/cruor/code Is it possible with kivy to create a fully functioning iOS app and successfully submit it to the Apple App Store? Don't apps need to be written in audiostream ffmpeg ffpyplayer freetype host_setuptools hostlibffi hostpython ios kivy libffi libjpeg moodstocks numpy openssl photolibrary pil pkgresources plyer You can now package your Kivy application for the Ipad (and other iOS devices, testers needed)