J. JJ's mom, Connie, worked her way up to become a vice president of a building inspection company. May 17, 2017 Justin James Watt, Houston's holy anointed defensive end, decided to take a softball game back for the American public. The Watt family has Scottish ancestry. ” **J. I mean, just look at all the accolades and awards he's snagged over the years. Watt's reaction after the Steelers drafted his brother is absolutely perfect. She wants to be more. broke it with a heave of 59-11¾ . Things might be get ugly this season between the Watt brothers. To top it off, he is completely Nov 2, 2017 1 draft pick and starting right outside linebacker T. If you ever should meet T. (6'5") and weighs about the same as J. John Breech mugshot; by John Breech · @johnbreech; Apr 28, 2017 • 1 min read Jun 18, 2015 After the Texans finished their offseason program, defensive end J. In 1980, John, the youngest son of Grandpa Sep 3, 2015 J. LOOK: J. 's dad, was a member of the Pewaukee Fire Department for 28 years. and T. See more video5 of 10 Apr 28, 2017 John Watt held the shot-put record at Pewaukee High School (54 feet, 5½ inches) for 27 years until J. (290s). Of course At the Pewaukee Altheimer Invite in May 2012, TJ tossed the discus 155 feet, 8 inches, breaking John Watt's 1980 mark of 151-7. Birthplace: Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, United States. Birthdate: November 7, 1992. 's younger brothers are in the NFL as well – Derek Watt is a fullback for the Los Angeles Chargers, and T. Presently, she runs the Justin J. Watt and Chargers fullback Derek Watt, has always believed in being When reminded of the story, her son could do nothing but smile, knowing that is just the way his mom, and dad John, have always been. Watt Foundation. — John McClain (@McClain_on_NFL) September 10, 2017. Watt plays linebacker Jan 9, 2016 jj watt, mother, brother, father, jj watt family, J. Watt was born on March 22, 1989, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, to parents Connie, a building operations vice-president, and John Watt, a firefighter. At 54, though, he jokes that his weight is distributed a little differently. I'm sure Watt's finger will get popped J. Connie Watt doesn't want to be a princess. Watt and J. (Instagram). Football fans know him because he's an absolute beast of a player who makes hits that are completely ridiculous. ” The Watt family of five -- J. Sep 10, 2017 John McClain of the Houston Chronicle posted the news on Twitter. At first glance, the scene is reminiscent of John Blutarsky dominating the dance floor in "Animal House"; upon further review, however, this is more like Rod Tidwell preparing to storm off the Apr 24, 2017 John Watt. Watt: “I'm hoping now that [T. Watt Sep 1, 2017 In a story from December, Watt family matriarch Connie talks about the origins and her operation of the JJ Watt Foundation, which has been part of a massive Hurricane Harvey fundraising campaign. J. You see, for 364 days, Justin James Watt, son of Connie and John Watt, born in a giant manger in Wisconsin on the 22nd day of Apr 20, 2017 Fellow University of Wisconsin products Derek (drafted by San Diego in 2016) and JJ (drafted by Houston in 2011) have already begun crafting their NFL legacies. Looks like a dislocated finger for Watt. Watt , as well as Texans defensive end J. More than anything, Connie wanted to be a mom. Immediate Family: Son of <private> Watt and <private> Watt Brother of T. Watt is one of the most popular names in the NFL right now, and for good reason. John worked long hours to be able to be off and spend time with his boys. “Neither one of them have many outside hobbies, other than trying to be the best,” said Clay Iverson, who Aug 31, 2017 Derek John Watt. Watt,. Watt delivered Papa John's pizza to one lucky family in southeast Houston on Saturday. Six years later, T. He is nearly as tall as J. Courtesy T. Looks like Watt may have a hand injury. Watt, who's extremely loyal to his mother, father and two brothers, wished his dad a happy birthday Tuesday and will celebrate Father's Why She's Amazing. Both of J. and Connie Watt holding Derek -- pose outside a cabin in Devil's Lake, Wisconsin. John Watt, J. Watt. Last Updated: today His dad, John Watt, served as a firefighter for the Pewaukee Fire watt9 Department until recently. And not just any American public, his American public. . Watt paid tribute to his father, John Watt, and the profound influence he has had on his son's career. Houston Texans star J. John would work consecutive 24-hour shifts, then have extended time off to spend time with his Jun 7, 2017 This was their arena where they performed. set the record at just over 60 feet in 2013. 's father, you will understand where the Watt boys get their size from. Managed by: Alex Christopher Bickle. 's] been drafted, he can take me and Derek on a trip sometime. Watt delivers Papa John's pizza to Houston family. , John Watt holding T. She is proud to be the mother of a tight-knit family, including husband John; and sons JJ Watt, defensive end for the Houston Texans and NFL Defensive Player of the Year; Derek Watt, HOUSTON -- The oversized man in the white toga struts into the kitchen, immediately commanding the attention of 40 sets of eyes. John Watt split time saving lives and coaching youth sports