Dokkan battle rates

Recent Wiki Activity. 09-29-2017. Normally when i do summons i get atleast and SR or something but i've done quite a few strategic summons (Referring to the time of summon, I usually get SSR's at 6-8pm and 2-5am in which I New SSR Hit and Super Saiyan Cabba are here! Perform a Multi-Summon to get two extra Elder Kai! Rare Summon 310. reddit. . [Analysis] Does Dokkan Battle Discriminate Summon Rates Against www. 08-03-2017. 11-14-2017. 11-23-2017. End Time: Sat 01/06/2018 09:59 pm PST Mar 15, 2017 GROSJUNG wrote: In this page, in construction, we find the drop rate of all events ! [1] We can make screen shot and add it in events, like Pan's Secret Adventure (^_^). Sleepless Hero Tapion (Hirudegarn) · GokuGod87 • 20 minutes ago. 07-19- All banner images and data collection methods are thanks to renzy. Are you 100% sure about percentages ? If yes, I am agree to add them in each event but not like that. New Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks is here! Grab the chance to summon powerful SSR characters! Rare Summon 7324. 11-06-2017. I've been using one of gunsblazing skill farming decks (blue eyes piranha) and I've been doing it for yugi mouto trying to get accesJul 17, 2017 Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Characters and Summon Rates Guide 2017. 08-29-2017. 07-31-2017. 10-31-2017. 10-12-2017. 12-11-2017. 09-01-2017. Initially all users are taken on with basic tutorials so that they can understand the Apr 24, 2017 This blog has been cross-posted from MobileFreeToPlay. Please keep "whining" about your bad luck out of this thread. We can consider Dragon ball Z dokkan battle more of an action RPG game where users are allowed to select their characters and enter the game. 07-18-2017. com/r/DBZDokkanBattle/comments/778yyc/analysis_does_dokkan_battle_discriminate_summonHey All, First off, and foremost, this is NOT a whine post. You may have missed it. Secret Control Hoi · GokuGod87 • 54 minutes ago. 10-21-2017. End Time: Wed 12/27/2017 09:59 pm PST. 08-17-2017. Over the easter long weekend, starting on April 14th, a new contender took the #1 Top Grossing spot in the United States: Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. 12-19-2017. 10-24-2017. 12-20-2017. 07-20-2017. Brave Hidden Secret Tapion (Hirudegarn) · Matt2905 • 48 minutes ago. 09-30-2017. 11-22-2017. 09-15-2017. 07-25-2017. 06-30- Learn how to auto reroll yourself!I'm not sure if its just me or does everyone struggle? Essentially this Dokkan event has given me nothing but R's. 10-17-2017. Help us grow Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wikia!May 28, 2016 Decided to try a couple summons in the new Villain Dokkan Festival since it was requested and well WHAT IS THIS RATE?! *** NEW GAMING CHANNEL: http://bit. 11-30-2017. 07-14-2017. 09-24-2017. 09-14-2017. Lone Hero Tapion · GokuGod87 • 57 minutes ago. This is not aDescription: PlayerAuctions provides price comparisons for MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft US Gold to help buyers and sellers make informed decisions. I think it could be better to add a column with drop rate. All banner images and data collection methods are thanks to renzy. com, Adam Telfer's blog relating to his new Mobile Design Consultancy. 08-24-2017