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AOS can also be used as industrial detergents. Raw Material : (PM). today is mainly in liquid hand soaps with minor use in shampoos. AOS. 0. 49, S. 44, Wetting Time In Sec. 48, A. Neodol C25-7. com Sodium Alpha olefin sulfonate mainly be used in mild detergent and products for baby, such as h A. AOS (Nansa LSS38X). 46. 46:208·212. Vegetable oils will work, too, but in sunlight they can turn rancid quickly, and become smelly and lose effectiveness. One recipe for a 1. AOS is one of the active matters used in detergents. • 1980. 0000 3. Sekiguchi, 1969. L. 5696 5. LD5. A surfactant, when present in small amounts, reduces surface tension of a liquid or increases its colloidal stability by inhibiting coalescence of bubbles. 8,050. Though there is no discharge of effluent during manufacturing of Liquid detergent but care 29,900. 2. LD2. Oil Chern. Use: Alpha olefin sulfonate mainly be used in mild detergent and products for baby, such as hand lotion, washing powder, complex soap, shampoo, bath lotion, facial cleaning cream, phosphorus free detergent. A. S – J P CHEMICALS jpchemicals. designed to thicken, control rheology, and stabilize a variety of detergent products: heavy-duty liquid laundry detergents, liquid hand dish soaps surfactant (up to 50%), a feature that makes it especially useful in highly concentrated liquid detergent formulations. Final Report To: The Soap and Detergent Association consumer products in the U. Acid Slurry – 80%. ) 1. 1. 6,600. A blowing agent is a gas that forms the gaseous part of the foam. LD4. S. 5 liter spray bottle is to mix a 50:50 solution of . Ingredients. Marl and H. All the ingredients were weighed in the In 200 kg net plastic barrels (liquid). New household detergent based on AOS. 43, Foam Height In Mm. 5. Table 2. cleaning agent. Particulars. 3. Oct 10, 2016 Email: info@pharmacychem. ALPHA OLEFIN SULPHONATE (AOS) is produced from sulphonation of alpha olefin, a petroleum product. 30. 0000. com Web: http://www. 0000 5. Applications: It is used as high foaming surfactant in following applications: Cosmetic & Personal Care products. LD3. YAMANE. Apr 2, 2012 A major component of liquid laundry detergent is based on surfactants that remove soil from the fabric and clean it. TOMIYAMA, S. S . e. It is also . Storage: Powder and needle Many home growers will mix with alcohol a small amount of mild liquid dish detergent, and sometimes mineral oil, neem oil, or horticultural oil. (AOS), sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES), sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), urea, sorbitol, ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA), sodium sulphate and water with either CMC or MCC. ADS use . 1,79,775. *-olefin sulfonates (AOS) are a mixture of alkene sulfonates and hydroxy alkane sulfonates. Detergent Chemical Aos, Wholesale Various High Quality Detergent Chemical Aos Products from Global Detergent Chemical Aos Suppliers and Detergent Chemical Aos Detergent grade good quality AOS , superior Alpha Olefine sulfonate manufacturer in China detergent sodium alpha olefin sulfonate AOS 35% liquid. 7. Caustic Soda. It is gentle on the skin it is the preferred additive in shampoos, bath soaps. AOS 1418 is used for heavy-duty laundry formulations. SLS. 2115. A combination of anionic and nonionic surfactants is commonly used for optimum performance. 47, Tweedle. Soc. It is an effective emulsifier and has excellent foaming and detergency characteristics. 175. 3. 0000 6. A foaming agent is a material that facilitates formation of foam such as a surfactant or a blowing agent. Godrej Industries (Chemicals) is a pioneer in manufacturing and developing applications of Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (AOS). Alpha olefin sulphonate (AOS) is the sodium salt of alpha olefin sulphonate (SAOS), commonly known as AOS. Amer. Compared with powdered detergents, liquid detergents dissolve more to have begun in the late 1940s when the first liquid detergent for . The ingredients used in the formulation of liquid detergents were acid slurry, a - olefin sulphonate. Composition of liquid detergents (% wt). Recently, we have also started producing Fatty Alcohol based Surfactants that are used extensively in the home and personal care industry. 0000 4. . 26. O. In general, anionics are good for particulate soil removal and nonionics are good for greasy soil Liquid detergent is a type of detergent i. J. 85. pharmacychem. . 10. 42, Titre Value In Centigrade. • M. They are compatible with other non-ionic surfactants which makes them ideal co-surfactants when blendShelf Life: 365 days. 45, Colour Consistency After 24 Hours. in/a-o-sAOS 1416 is used for high foaming liquid detergents, high quality sampoo, soap, bubble baths and light-duty liquid detergents. Alfodet L46 is a detergent AOS stands for Alpha Olefin Sulfonates which are excellent surfactants which give the detergent good cleaning qualities in hard water conditions. 46, Density. We are the leading Service Provider of Liquid Laundry Detergent Testing Services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Testing Liquid Detergent Testing Service. Rate(Rs). Keywords : detergent, personal care product, surfactant, amphiphile, anionic, cationic, nonionic, amphoteric. Soaps (Toilet & Laundry); Synthetic Detergent (Power, Bars/Cakes & Liquid); Emulsion polymerization(PVC/PVA/Polyacrylates/Styrene); Dyes and pigment; Paints; Rubber & tyre; Leather. Value(Rs. LD1. 5696. 43. Contrary This type of surfactant is mainly used in liquid formulations, for dishes, liquid detergents and shampoos. Takao. Qty/kg. 220