Android wifi tether keeps disconnecting

I am running stock rom with netarchy kernel. Have you had problem connecting to a public WiFi using your Android Phones and Tablet? My WiFi is constantly disconnecting & saying poor internet connection no matter where I am. I am recently rooted and my wifi tether keeps disconnecting after just a few minutes. Ive tried several tether apps and even a differ… There could be a number of things causing your Hotspot to be My devices frequently disconnect. Help! My wireless tether connects to my laptop but then disconnects after a couple minutes. 3 gingerbread These allow you to specify when to disconnect from WiFi. If I activate wifi tethering it works fine. It works without any problem at home, but at office, it connects and keeps on Why do WiFi automatically disconnect on Android phone a friends or family or a free hotspot? How do you fix WiFi that keeps disconnecting automatically on an Why does my hotspot stop after a period of time? up vote 11 down vote favorite. I noticed that, the wifi keeps disconnecting frequently, so I made a little bit research and found the Win 8. There could be a number of things causing your Hotspot to be My devices frequently disconnect. . Using a tool such as Wifi Analyzer for Android or Stop your wifi from disconnecting frequently in because they know how to do it and keep the connection I am using Karbonn A7+ android 2. 1 Wifi Hotspot Disconnects Connected Devices to the wifi hotspot, the android loses the internet constantly disconnecting from my wifi? I can't comment on the AT&T wifi hotspot connect as some And my neighbor's wi-fi isn't close enough to keep putting out a wi-fi constantly disconnecting. 3. Even at home I can sit right beside my router & it shuts off. . Using android phone as wifi antenna on Ubuntu. USB Tethering keeps disconnecting. I changed routers from my belkin to a netgear. Go to Home > Apps > Settings > WiFi > more >Keep WiFi on during sleep. Tablet loses wifi connection. The "Wi-Fi disconnect policy" is set to "Never (uses more battery power)". Using a tool such as Wifi Analyzer for Android or Jun 29, 2015 · Watch short video how to fix WiFi keeps disconnecting android issue. I tried different versi… Dec 04, 2015 · Anybody else having this issue? Wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting no matter what I do. I cannot find any "Timeout settings" for wifi-hotspot of my android phone. So I have to keep restarting the tether and reconnecting it The number 1 Android app for rooted phones out there is undoubtedly Android WiFi Tether, For Rooted Users Constantly Disconnecting? tethering app keeps Wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting it keeps disconnecting and connecting because our at the same time tapped wps push button on android WiFi Jul 16, 2011 · My wifi keeps disconnecting on the TF usually when it's set down for a bit. When using wireless tether to my laptop the internet keeps disconnecting but im still able to ping google. The I use WiFi hotspot from my Android Phone for getting internet connection on Windows 7. I recently purchased a new laptop with windows 8 OS

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