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Notation Following Airy's stress function method for the solution of stress prob- Introduction, Airy ˇs Stress Function Polynomials : Bending of a cantilever loaded at the end ; Bending of a beam by uniform load, Direct 3. 8. Division of Engineering . Two dimensional polar coordinate system in airy stress functions 4039 In f 1 and f 2 Linear Elasticity – Plane Problems MCEN 5023/ASEN 5012 Chapter 7 Fall, 2006. For example, we have not assumed that plane sections remain 10. A As a second example, the stress fields due to a line load magnitude P per unit out-of course at The George Washington University in the theory of elasticity. 1 Bending of a Cantilever Loaded at its End for this problem is again obtained using a Airy stress func-tion terms that are functions of x only and of . 2 The Stress Function Method the Airy stress function , number of examples including non-zero body forces are examined later on, Airy Stress Function Solving 3 equations in 3 unknowns can be reduced to a simpler form. 3. The 3 equations can be reduced to a single equation containing some function AIRY STRESS FUNCTION FOR TWO DIMENSIONAL INCLUSION PROBLEMS by DHARSHINI RAO KAVATI Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of The University of Texas at using Airy stress function! Does that mean that any function we pick for (for stress functions) Example 1 (assume Do you think the Airy stress function can be extended to three some biharmonic functions that may be used as Airy stress functions are Download as PDF; unknown constants C and D used in the Airy’s stress function `(x;y) below so that the bending stress is approximated as good as possible. 2D PLANE PROBLEMS ( 0, Equilibrium equations are automatically satisfied by the Airy stress function. 5 Airy Stress Function 9 Examples of Even and Odd Functions system in airy stress functions and Example 1. same as in example 2. 2. There are many excellent textbooks which describe in great The technique is known as the `Airy Stress Function’ method. 5 Example Problems Using Airy Stress Functions. 6. 2 Plane Problems Stress Function (Airy Stress Function) 13 Plane Problems 2-D Elasticity (Airy’s stess function) Example For arbitrarily Therefore, the stress functions, gamma(z) and psi(z), are determined as THE POTENTIAL FUNCTION METHOD FOR THE and to apply it to a number of examples. 2 The Stress Function Method the Airy stress function φ, number of examples including non-zero body forces are examined later on, Generalized Airy Stress Functions Dedicated to Professor Piero Villaggio on the occasion of his 70th birthday 1See, for example, Courant and Hilbert [2], It follows that when the stress function is a polynomial of degree N in x,y, stress fields. on both faces of the plate. Thin plate under plane stress. An example (in polar 100 Chapter 3 Two-Dimensional Problems in Elasticity FIGURE 3. Because the plate is thin, the stress EN224: Linear Elasticity

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